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Our Blog @ Big Blue Pro Located on Sairee Beach - Koh Tao

Best. ITC. Candidates. Ever. 

 Jordanhead  Jordan  

Jordan Michalchuck

A typical loud Canadian, a plaid shirt wearing, poutine eating Canuck from Grand Prairie, Alberta. Jordan's ambition is to chop down his students' fears with his imaginary teaching axe, plant new scuba saplings in their place, and then apologise profusely, just in case, like the true Forester every Canadian yearns to be.

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Gem Jones

A Lost Mackem, Pit Yakking former social worker from South Scotland. Gem's hobbies include being constantly asked to repeat herself in English, and obedience training her pet, Niall. Student's should expect deep understanding of their issues, and tough, no nonsense, Posh Geordie love, on their journey towards aquatic expertise.

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Sam Holt

If the ITC was the Spice Girls, then Sam would be Baby, a sweet natured, gentle, softly spoken delicate blossom from one of England's most beautiful garden towns, Blackpool. Koh Tao has been a journey of self development for Samantha, turning that shy, retiring, shrinking violet, into the strong, independent woman she strives to be. Keep going, Sam, we believe in you!

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Ed Greenfield

A big city lad from Midsomer Norton, England's version of The Shire, above is a photo of Ed setting off on his 'Big Adventure'. Sadly, none of Ed's companions made it, the Nazgul got them or something... Not Ed, though! Likes to be called 'Fast Eddie', and his favourite quote is, "When life throws you a Jeffery stroke the fur wall".


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Brent Sandford

As Aussie as they come, true blue, hard yakka and all that. Still upset about England's domination of world Rugby, Brent has switched his passion from 'sports that the British are better than everyone else at', to the 'down under' water world. On ya, mate! One of two ex-chefs in this month's ITC, it's clear that Brent has all the right ingredients to become one of our best!

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Niall Watson

Another Posh Geordie from Durham, Niall left Byker Grove far behind him, hosted popular British TV shows for a few years with his best mate until he finally said the magic words 'I'm a minor celbrity who would rather Scuba dive for a living, get me out of here!' and here he is! It was either football or Scuba for a man from the Tyne, good choice Niall!

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Hadyn Rich

Like an escapee from Love Island, Koh Tao's own Ricky Gervais lookalike arrived on our doorstep and now we seem to be stuck with him. Uncomplicated, genuine, irrepressibly enthusiastic, Haydn has been compared to an ebullient but well meaning bovine in a ceramic outlet. His facebook profile states, simply that 'I am a lad, simple as' but we know there is man hiding inside you just waiting to get out, and we can't wait to meet him!

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Landon Hunt

A post-liberal democrat, anti-Second Amendment Campaigner snowflake from Nebraska, Landon temporarily left his awesome wife (Tiff!) to follow his second career choice after his Lacrosse career ended prematurely when a bison invaded the pitch. Landon joins this year's ITC after a brief (failed) stint as a Fashion Blogger, good choice Landon!



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