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Whats Involved?

The Dive Master program is your introduction to the world of professional diving, as it is a multi-faceted program that turns divers into professional divers.

To begin your Dive Master program you must have at least 24 logged dives – but if you’re a few short, you can sign up anyway, this is because as soon as you’re registered in the Dive Master program, you can dive for free with us forever!

big blue pro divemasterThe course duration is entirely up to you and your work ethic – you take out what you put in. We recommend you take enough time to learn about the dive industry and to follow the Big Blue Dive Master team. The more thorough your diving education, the more confident a Dive Master you will become.

A team of 6 Instructor Mentors will guide you through the program, which consists of 3 sections: theory, water skills development, and practical assessments with student divers.

The theoretical portion of the Dive Master program involves attending lectures on Physiology, Equipment Techniques, Decompression Theory, Physics, and the Environment, completing study guides and writing two exams to test your knowledge of the underwater world.

big blue pro divemasters emma and andyAs a DMT at Big Blue, you will develop your water skills through water fitness tests, such as swims and tows, multiple skill circuits to refine your abilities and demonstration quality, workshops and practical skills. A major part of the Dive Master program is to eventually lead customers on dives while ensuring their comfort and safety as well as their enjoyment.

The practical assessment portion of the Dive Master program involves assisting instructors on courses with students, with the minimum of two open water courses, two advanced open water courses, and one rescue course. Through these assists, DMT’s are able to develop their teaching skills as well as their problem solving abilities.

The Dive Master program may be a lot of work, but all DMT’s are rewarded upon completion through the Big Blue Dive Master Challenge … we won’t go into too much detail, but we can guarantee you won’t remember it!

How much does it cost?

  • DMT - 30000 baht
  • Materials 5665 baht
  • SSI Fees 2630 baht

How long does it take?

2 – 6 weeks. The duration of your course is dictated by how much previous diving experience you have and the time it takes you to complete the course requirements. Shorter and longer courses are possible.

big blue pro divemaster cert cardPrerequisites?

  • Be at least 18yrs old
  • Be certified to at least Diver Stress and Rescue level or equivalent
  • Have a current medical exam for scuba diving signed by a licensed medical practitioner
  • Logged at least 40 open water dives
  • Provide and maintain certification of current training in First Aid, CPR and O2

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