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Big Blue Pro Courses Located on Sairee Beach - Koh Tao

big blue pro internship sunsetWhats Involved?

After the course, we offer an internship program here at Big Blue where you will have the opportunity to teach alongside our senior instructors to gain experience and your first 25 student certifications, followed by an upgrade to Advanced Open Water Instructor and a total of 4 Specialty Instructor ratings.

The internship is just an additional 20000 baht and is of course optional. Regardless, we guarantee you at least one course of your own, for which you will be paid, and then the opportunity to work for us as a freelancer. A great start in the industry, basically. Should you get itchy feet, we can offer you positions at SSI dive shops around South East Asia. There are currently more positions open than we have instructors to fill them.

big blue pro internship classroomHow long does it take?

About a month.

How much does it cost?

20000 baht




Instructor Upgrades

We offer a minimum of your first 25 certs, extensions are possible. Usually takes around one month.

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